Moderator:  Oded Amir, Sales and marketing manager , Advantech-IL



Emmanuel Penzes

Pre-sales Engineer

The Qt Company

14:00 - 14:20

Bridging the Gap Between Designers and Developers

When creating a working UI (user interface), there is often a disconnect between the Designer’s UI design, and what Developers can do to bring the design to fruition. This is typically due to the design and development teams using different sets of tools, with different capabilities. Qt Design Studio bridges the gap by allowing the designer’s vision to be compatible with the development tools, creating an easy way for both teams to interact with the end-product. Join Emmanuel Penzes, Pre-sales Engineer, at the Qt Company who will guide you through building modern & reusable, multiplatform graphic applications through our designer-developer workflow and break the cycle of painstaking feedback loops between designers and developers.

This session will cover how Qt will help you to:

  • Design look AND feel of your product

  • Validate and iterate the designs with real hardware

  • Speed up the development process and reduce the need for writing specifications

What you will learn through our live demonstration:

  • Get to grips with Qt cross-platform workflow from a photoshop layer to a multiplatform application

  • Learn how we deploy it on desktop, web, mobile and embedded platform (IMX 8)



As a Pre-Sales Engineer at the Qt Company, Emmanuel's focus is on demonstrating the Qt framework capabilities and how Qt customers can create a cross-platform UIs quickly. Before joining Qt, Emmanuel architected and developed Setup box customers solutions.  

Emmanuel is a Computer Science Engineer from Universite de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard, France.


Denis Pasero

Commercialisation Manager

14:20 - 14:40

How to Design Disruptive Medical Implantable Devices With Solid State Batteries?

Major innovation is taking place in the area of implanted medical devices particularly neuromodulation or implanted sensors. Disruptive medical research is already providing solutions to decrease chronic pain levels significantly and maintain patient’s comfort, but product designers are frustrated by the lack of hardware, particularly batteries, to make their dream devices a reality. An exciting trend is the miniaturisation of implanted devices in order for to be placed nearer to the targeted organs and avoid risky and costly operations. A balance needs to be found between the need for mm-scale batteries and the devices power requirements (100’ uAh for sensors, a few mAh for neurostimulation). Hence, designers need to think about the battery early in their product development and consider their use case carefully. This presentation will describe the power requirements of disruptive implantable medical solutions and explain how innovative, customisable, mm-scale solid state batteries such as those in development at Ilika may meet the challenges faced by product designers.

Denis Pasero joined Ilika Technologies in 2008, as a scientist specializing in battery technology, to manage commercial lithium ion projects. He became part of the Ilika team to apply his strong academic knowledge to commercial applications and saw the potential to be part of the development and success story of an enterprising smaller company with exciting technology and novel product ideas. Today, as Product Commercialization Manager, Denis interfaces between customers and technical teams.

Jim Kelley

Vice President, R&D
Cardio and Vascular


14:40 - 15:00

How to Select the Right Development Partner

Constant cost pressures in today’s healthcare industry often require med-tech manufactures to outsource all or part of a device. Selecting the right medical device outsource manufacturer (MDO) is critical to ensuring successful results. While price is important, it is just one of many factors to consider before choosing a partner. During the presentation, you will learn what you should consider when selecting the right partner.

Jim is currently responsible for global technology and product development at Integer’s cardio & vascular division.

Jim has over 30 years of technical and product development medical device leadership experience.  He has direct experience in management of research, development and manufacturing.  This includes multiple domestic and international locations.  He has been responsible for the release of over 50 medical devices into the market. 

Prior to joining Integer, Jim had product development leadership positions at Medtronic CRM division and St Jude Medical (now Abbott) Atrial Fibrillation division.  He has experiences in research, product development, manufacturing, M&A, lean principles and supply chain.  Jim has 40 issued US patents in areas such as: electrophysiology catheters, interventional catheters and tools, optical based blood measurement systems and electromagnetic cardiac navigation systems.  Jim holds a BS from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Minnesota.

Marc van Keulen

Lead Designer
Nelipak Healthcare Packaging

15:00 - 15:20

Rigid Barrier Packaging Design

We will demonstrate that Rigid Barrier Packaging Design is influenced by packaging requirements. With every step you make... , understanding the full procedure, is what triggers the awareness. We will show typical project stages, thermoforming basics for the manufacturing of our trays and functional design features, all supported with actual case studies. These case studies will show our design team in action. We will provide summarized guidelines.
Every design process starts with the understanding of the “job to be done”. This awareness informs critical needs to be met from the OEM to the end user which influence the design of the functional design features of the packaging
We will take you through the design process, and teach you how rigid barrier
packaging design can enhance your process.


With this keynote you will experience our analyzing stage and our constant search to optimize the requirements. Illustrating how crucial Early involvement is. Our recommendation “to work together as early as possible” are essential for your success. Nelipak can be your intermediary when involved parties have conflicting requests. By visualizing all options, we create opportunities to enable easier decision making. All this will contribute to your future communications and quality of your rigid barrier packaging specifications.


With 38 years of design and development experience in the healthcare packaging industry and a background of Industrial Design, Marc brings deep industry knowledge to the topic of Ridgid Barrier Packaging Design.  
In his current role, he supports Nelipak’s Global Sales and Development Teams. 

Over the past 10 years, Marc has worked with cross-functional teams in the Concept, Analysis and Development stages of Customer Projects.  With special focus on Digital Sketching, Nelipak Simulation Capabilities, Product Requirements Specifications, DFMEA content and Procedures.​

Daniel Gurevich

Senior AE

15:20 - 15:40

The New Generation of Embedded PC’s For The

Medical Device Market

To design and develop a medical device system based on the customers need while meeting stringent regulation and standards, required high skilled multidisciplinary engineering staff. With her new generation of Embedded PC’s, Advantech supporting the engineering effort with her hardware and software solutions, which accelerating the development stage, reducing time to market efforts and providing better after sales support.


B.Sc.EE, more than 20 years of experience in Embedded R&D for consumer and industrial markets, and more than 6 years in Advantech IL as Senior AE.


Oded Amir

Sales and Marketing Manager


15:40 - 16:00

Q&A Session

Moderated Q&A Session, with all five previous speakers:

Emmanuel Penzes, Pre-sales Engineer, The Qt Company

Denis Pasero, Product Commercialisation Manager, Ilika


Jim Kelley, Vice President, R&D Cardio and Vascular, Integer

Marc van Keulen, Lead Designer, Nelipak Healthcare Packaging

Daniel Gurevich, Senior AE , Advantech-IL

Oded Amir BIO:

With more than 15 years of comprehensive professional engineering experience in the Embedded PC and IoT systems, Serving hundreds of clients.  My goal is to help making Embedded PC base  IoT & AI works for organizations and leading them to growth.  By joining Advantech, the world leader in the Embedded PC market I can really fulfil those  goals.