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Digital Healthcare Track

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Moderator: Moshe Klaiman, CEO, Matrix Medika

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Moshe Klaiman


Matrix Medika

12:00 - 12:20

For the Audience's Choice – Healthcare Standup or Looking Through the Crystal Ball Towards the Future of Digital Health Technologies

We will leave it up to the audience to choose whether to go for a spontaneous discussion (combined with humor and therefore stand-up) on burning, interesting, annoying, challenging topics in digital health, or (a more conservative choice) to go to a very interesting lecture that tries to predict the future of digital health technologies.

With over 20 years of experience in development, management and R&D in the healthcare industry, Moshe founded Medika (now part of Matrix) to deliver high-end projects, systems, and domain expertise to cutting-edge medical device and digital healthcare companies.​ Under Moshe’s leadership, Medika has made a name for itself by taking on the regulation, cybersecurity, and development challenges unique to the industry.

12:20 - 12:40

Innovation in HealthCare

Gal Ratzkowski web.jpg

Gal Ratzkowski

Partner - LSHC Leader

Deloitte Israel

Innovation in healthcare – doing innovation successfully within a healthcare system is becoming more and more important. Both as a new source of revenue as well as a market differentiator for clients and practitioners. There are different models for innovation not all are successful, we will examine the challenges and ambitions faced by providers around the world.


Gal Ratzkowski is a Managing Director at Deloitte Israel’s strategic consulting practice and heads the Life Science and Healthcare Industry for the firm in Israel.

Gal has over 25 years of experience in the fields of strategic and business consulting

Erez Metula web.jpg

Erez Metula

Application Security Expert, Founder & CEO

AppSec Labs

12:40 - 13:00

Cyber Security Testing – Important Considerations For Premarket Submissions

On September 2023, The FDA took an aggressive move towards cyber security of medical devices, by hardening the requirements related to their premarket submission. This presentation offers a comprehensive examination of the updated FDA cybersecurity mandates, emphasizing the pivotal role of security testing in the certification of medical devices.


Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the FDA's expectations for submissions, unraveling the details of the security process and describing the responsibilities placed on vendors. Our goal is to arm vendors with the essential knowledge and strategies required to successfully navigate the complexities of cybersecurity testing compliance.


Throughout this session, we will illuminate various aspects of cybersecurity testing, including static analysis, dynamic analysis, Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), fuzz testing, and penetration testing. Drawing from our extensive expertise in medical device security testing, we aim to provide valuable insights and practical guidance to enhance your cybersecurity testing proficiency in the medical device domain.


Erez Metula, an application security expert, is also the founder and CEO of AppSec Labs, a leading company in the field of application security.

He is the author of the book "Managed Code Rootkits", and holds an MSc in computer science.

Erez has extensive hands-on experience performing security assessments, code reviews and secure development trainings for worldwide organizations, and had previously talked at international security conferences such as BlackHat, Defcon, OWASP, RSA, SOURCE, CanSecWest and more. Erez is a frequent trainer at BlackHat, providing cutting edge security training for developers and penetration testers.

Erez had helped companies from all sizes, from startups to fortune 500 organizations.

Erez focuses on advanced application security topics and has performed extensive ground breaking research on web application, mobile application and IoT security.

Refael Barkan web.jpg

Dr. Refael Barkan

VP for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Internationalization

HIT - Holon Institute of Technology

13:00 - 13:20

The Role and Influence of the Academy on the Development and Promotion of Digital Solutions in Medical Organizations, Including Interfaces Between Organizations and Between Systems

The academia has a traditional role in research and development of technologies in various medical domains. In recent years, many academic and research institutions find themselves taking an active role in the digital health revolution, with an emphasis on AI-based medical data research. However, in order to utilize this research for fostering healthcare, academia, health organizations and the MedTech industry must step out of their comfort zone and formulate innovative patterns for inter-systemic and inter-organizational collaborations.


Refael is V.P for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Internationalization at Holon Institute of Technology (HIT). He is also the founder of the first academic program in Digital Health (Digital Medical Technologies), serving as a technological “pre-med”. Refael is an M.D. Ph.D. (Brain Science) with a Master's degree in Computer Science. He is experienced and high-skilled integrator of research, innovation, entrepreneurship and internationalization with a vast knowledge in Digital Health and comprehensive overview of R&D initiatives (as a researcher, entrepreneur and integrator), heading a team of excellent researchers, technologists, economists, entrepreneurs & visionaries, lecturers, mentors and administrators. Refael is a member of 8400 The Health Network – HealthTech leaders accelerating Israel's global impact in Digital Health - and also of Leaders in Academia program ("Movilim Ba-Academia", cohort #4).

13:20 - 14:20 : Lunch, Exhibition Visit

Shmuel Sacks web.jpg

Shmuel Sacks

Senior Manager

Medtronic Integrated Health Solutions

14:20 - 14:40

Meet Medtronic's Get Ready® Solution - A Remote Patient Management Platform for Connected Care

How leveraging a digital patient engagement platform helps hospitals to improve resource utilization, enhance outcomes and ensure continuity of care.

In his role at Medtronic as Senior Manager for the Integrated Health Solutions business, Shmuel partners with healthcare delivery organizations to drive transformational change in healthcare via the adoption of digital healthcare tools and novel value-based business models.

14:40 - 15:00

Exploring Innovation at Hadassah - Showcasing Selected Projects

In the lecture, I will talk about 3 fascinating projects that gave an answer to a real pain that came from the field while examining the solution in depth.

These are broad solutions that help improve interactions with the patient and provide significant value to the treating team and the administrative layer.

We will talk about the challenges, successes and more.


Daniel is the CTO of the Information Systems Division at Hadassah

As part of his role as CTO of Hadassah, Daniel coordinates the field of innovation and examines new technologies, with a lateral view and adaptation to the needs of the hospital. As part of the process, Daniel examines the significance of the integration of new technologies into the existing systems, in order to bring the hospital to a breakthrough technological advance. In his training, Daniel has a bachelor's degree in computer science and a master's degree in business administration, an experienced entrepreneur and manager in the fields of development and startups

Daniel Saino Michan web.jpg

Daniel Saino Michan


Hadassah Medical Center

15:00 - 15:20

From Academia to Industry: Essential Insights from Identifai-Genetics

Tom Rabinowitz web.jpg

Tom Rabinowitz, MD-PhD

Co-founder and CTO

In 2017, at Tel Aviv University, a scientist and a medical student in his lab began developing algorithmic solutions for risk-free genetic diagnosis during pregnancy. Together with Shizim Group led by Yossi Bornstein and despite the competitive landscape, their efforts led to the creation of Identifai-Genetics, a startup focused on advancing technology for clinical care improvement. While transitioning from academia to industry presented challenges, it holds potential for contributing to humanity's future progress. This lecture provides valuable insights acquired from this transformative journey.

Tom Rabinowitz is an MD-PhD graduate from Tel Aviv University. His expertise is focused on bioinformatics, AI, genomics, and prenatal care. He is a co-founder and the CTO at Identifai-Genetics, a startup that aims to revolutionize genetic diagnosis during pregnancy.

15:20 - 15:40

Panel Discussion -
Digital Healthcare Technologies

Moshe Klaiman, CEO, Matrix Medika

Moshe Klaiman
Gal Ratzkowski
Erez Metula
Dr. Refael Barkan
Shmuel Sacks
Daniel Saino Michan
Tom Rabinowitz, MD-PhD
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