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Keynote Speakers

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Shira Lev Ami


The Israel National Digital Agency

09:20 - 09:40

Open Health Data as a Growth Engine

Israel has established itself as a leader in the digital health sphere, utilizing digital tools to advance system-wide healthcare services.

The next step in leveraging innovation for better-quality health services incorporates third-party solutions through standardizing the flow of information. The Israeli Ministry of Health, together with the National Digital Agency, are promoting the adoption of FHIR as a standard, alongside piloting startups that use it to connect into enterprise data. Israel is a great beta-site for experimentation, in designing the future of patient-centered care, through the open flow of health data.


Shira Lev-Ami has been the CEO of the Israel National Digital Agency since its establishment in 2022.
Mrs. Lev-Ami has multi-sector experience in utilizing technology for public impact – as the CIO of the Israeli Ministry of Health, as CIO of Israel's leading philanthropic foundation, and as Innovation manager for Israel's largest civil-society organization.
In recent years she has spent time promoting innovation in the private sector as co-founder and CEO of a digital health startup.
Shira holds four master’s degrees: Political Science and Public Policy; Business Administration and Information Systems; Law; Applied Economics; and conducts research in Climate Policy and Environmental Law.

Irit Yaniv web.jpg

Dr. Irit Yaniv, MD

Co-Founder and CEO

Almeda Ventures

09:40 - 10:00

Technical Innovation in the Eyes of the Investor

What are the unmet needs in the field of healthcare, as of today?  And how those needs translate to  promising innovations.


Dr. Irit Yaniv, Almeda ventures’ (Symbol: AMDA.L) Co-Founder and CEO,  Almeda Ventures is the first HealthTech focused public R&D partnership. 

Dr. Yaniv has more than 25 years of experience in the venture capital, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. As a senior manager, skilled physician, and experienced board member, she possesses a highly developed combination of leadership, decision making and business skills.  Irit has been a partner at Accelmed since 2012.  She served as an Executive Director and Chairperson of Accelmed's Innovation Hub portfolio companies. During this time she led Eximo from pre-clinical development through acquisition. She is a co-founder of We@healthtech, a HealthTech launchpad program that aims to promote women managers to C-level executive positions throughout the Israeli ecosystem and build their skills for successful executive careers.

Dr. Galia Barkai (MD, MBA)


Galia Barkai web 3.jpg
10:00 - 10:20

To Infinity and BEYOND – The Establishment of Israel's 1st Virtual Hospital

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in an exponential acceleration in Sheba's ability to use technology in order to deliver healthcare services remotely. Right after it's 1st wave, in mid 2020, it was decided to establish in Sheba, a virtual hospital, that will be based on Sheba's expertise and will use technology to deliver healthcare services to anyone, at anytime and anywhere.

The story of BEYOND's establishment will be described and some examples of its' services will be provided. I will also discuss the challenges that organizations that lead innovation face and how they can cope with them.


Professional Experience: Since January 2021 Galia is Director of Sheba BEYOND, Israel’s first virtual hospital. Since 2018, she has been serving as the director of the Pediatric Infectious Disease Unit as well as the head of the Telemedicine innovation hub, ARC. Previously in 2018, she became part of Sheba's management team as a medical administration intern. Before that Galia worked at Sheba as a consultant for
pediatric infectious diseases and as a senior physician in the pediatrics department.

Medical training: Galia completed her training in Pediatrics at the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot, and specialized in Infectious Diseases at the Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva. She also holds a sub-specialty in medical administration.

Education: Galia holds an MD and MBA (with distinction) with a specialization in health systems management from the Tel Aviv University. She completed the Inbar Healthcare Management Program, a joint venture of The MAOZ organization with Israel's Ministry of Health.

Ziv Mandl.jpeg

Ziv Mandl

Matrix R&D Services and Offshore
John Bryce

10:20 - 10:40

Best Practices and Insights for Management of Medical and General Startups and Entrepreneurships in 2023


Ziv Mendel is the CEO and one of the founders of John Bryce Training by Matrix and the leading training center in Israel and Senior Vice President at Matrix

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Ziv Mandl
Galia Barkai
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