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(including all MDI partners)

MDI Expo 2022 includes a large expo area, where products and services will be introduced. Make sure to visit, network, and learn about all the news in the medical devices and digital healthcare community


Advantech, founded in 1983, is a leader in providing trusted, innovative products, services, and solutions. Advantech offers comprehensive system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services, embedded systems, automation products, and global logistics support. We cooperate closely with our partners to help provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries. With Advantech, there is no limit to the applications and innovations our products make possible.


Appscent Logo 200.jpg

Appscent Medical Ltd. is a privately-held Israeli company, developing an advanced artificial intelligence medical device that offers continuous, non-contact, detection and relief for sleep apnea.


Arazy 200.jpg

The Arazy Group is a leading regulatory affairs consultancy since 1995. Arazy group offers a global registration management platform, system, and software used daily by Thousands of Medical & IVD manufacturers globally. Support RA professionals to process more than 5,000 of medical devices and IVDs registrations in 145 countries since 2013.
Arazy Group Ltd is in Misgave, Israel 04-9947880


ARC LOGO 200.jpg

The healthcare sector is in dire need of a transformation that would lead to more sustainable consumer-based solutions.

To spearhead this, Sheba Medical Center, the largest hospital in Israel that was recognized as being among the top 10 in the world by Newsweek in March 2019, 2020, and 2021, launched ARC.

ARC, which is short for accelerate, redesign, and collaborate, encompasses a global ecosystem that aims to develop, pilot, and roll out game-changing solutions. It prioritizes innovations in digital health as its main change vehicle and fosters an open innovation environment.  Our goal is ambitious – to have a meaningful, measurable impact on healthcare by 2030.  To this end, we unite leading Academic Medical Centers with innovative startups and strategic industry partners to promote accelerated development and implementation through the sharing of data and streamlined collaborations.


carmel labs 200 1.jpg

Carmel Labs, formerly known as the central Environmental Testing laboratory of Elisra Systems (of the well-known Elbit Group), serves this exact role. The role of the Environmental Testing Laboratory is first and foremost to simulate a product’s service-life, in the aspect of the environmental conditions it is subjected to, in laboratory conditions, where analysis and conclusions for its service-life can be made efficiently and accurately.

For a product that is merely in its development stages, in-depth conclusions can be derived from its prototype’s behavior under such tests, and the amount of modifications in the development stages can be drastically reduced, thus the Environmental Testing Laboratory serves as an integral economical mean for the developer of the product.



Design and manufacture of shaped pacakges, dedicated packaging for a variety of applications in thermoforming technology, vacuum forming and plastic injection in clean rooms. Performing mechanical assemblies and closing packages in clean rooms.


Comport Data 200.jpg

Comport Data Inc. is an integrated circuit design, manufacturing and testing company offering a wide range of ASIC design services from analog ASIC design, mixed-signal design, layout, FAB-ing, packaging and production testing services. 

The company specializes in advanced mixed-signal ASIC designs, ranging from complex system-on-chip mixed-signal ASICs with integrated analog circuit functions and embedded microcontrollers, to very low noise, multi-channels A/D and D/A devices, for the acquisition, amplification and conversion of very small signals. 

The company has a flexible approach to development strategy, and can offer turnkey IC designs, prototyping and volume production, where all tasks from concept to tape-out and final testing are accomplished in-house, while wafer fabrication and packaging are sub-contracted.

 It can also work on a modular tasks sharing basis, where Comport Data is responsible for certain well-defined tasks as part of a larger development project. One of the more successful models is the joint development team where the customer and Comport Data engineers work together on the same microelectronics project.

docdok 200.jpg is an internationally multi-awarded Swiss/Israel based company delivering data-driven personalized healthcare solutions. Connect - Understand - Impact.


dot compliance logo 200.jpg

Dot Compliance offers the medical device industry's first ready-to-use Quality Management Solution powered by the platform. Dot Compliance solutions include an extensive set of off-the-shelf ready, pre-configured QMS and compliance processes, enabling medical device manufacturers of all sizes to deploy quickly and cost-effectively. Our solutions are trusted by hundreds of life science companies worldwide and by thousands of users. We are fully compliant with 21 CFR parts 11 and 820, EU-Annex 11, EU MDR, and support ISO 9001, 13485, 14791, and 27001.


Eastronics Heb Logo 200.jpg

Established in 1955, Eastronics is one of the largest hi-tech distributor in Israel.
Eastronics is the leading Israeli company in sales, marketing, service and support of high tech products, with a strong Design-In/Demand Creation activity.

Eastronics employs a large group of highly experienced and professional Application Engineers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, supporting demand creation / design-in activities from the early stage of the project’s definition until production.
Our customers and suppliers benefit from our advanced CRM and ERP fulfillment systems, supporting the entire supply chain cycle, including VMI services and EDI communication.

We offer our customers and principles a long-term and mutually beneficial business partnership with a leading, innovative and people-friendly organization.


global r&d.jpg

Global R&D Ltd is a dynamic and innovative research and development company.
We offer one-stop solutions for integrated multidisciplinary projects in the fields of Electronics Hardware, Software, and Mechanical engineering.
Our team utilizes the latest technologies to provide innovative and productive solutions for our customers.

Global R&D projects are for a variety of industries including Medical, Industrial Automation, Security and Defense.
Global R&D is experienced in handling a complete project, from concept through the design and prototype to the final product delivery and serial production.
Global R&D functions as an outsourcing R&D team that provides cost and time effective solutions for development projects.

Global R&D has ISO 9001:2015 certification and is an authorized supplier of IAI and MOD

Global R&D ltd. provides a risk-free complete answer for the electronics development and production of electronics for startups, and the most efficient way for any company to develop any card or system in the shortest time to market schedule.


Gsap is a service provider for healthcare companies, providing end to end services throughout the life cycle of medical products. Gsap aspires to enhance the development and maturation of healthcare companies, pharma, medical device, cell therapy, medical cannabis, digital health and IVD companies. We help companies by accelerating the development of safe and effective medical products  for patients worldwide.


HaMaDa is a prominent RA/QA/CL consulting firm possessing 15 years of Regulatory, Compliance and Clinical Affairs experience for Medical Device companies. Its professional, multidisciplinary team of 30 industry and scientific experts have been supporting leading companies in a wide range of expertise domains such as Active and Non-Active devices and Implants, In Vitro Diagnostics, Digital Health (Medical Apps, Wearable, AI and Big Data), etc.

HaMaDa has the vital experience necessary to manage the regulatory approval process, Clinical documents and processes and provides a wide range of services, for start-ups as well as established companies.

For early-stage companies, HaMaDa is crucial in defining the best strategic and tactical plans to pave the way into the market and implement these plans to achieve marketing approvals in various geographies.

For well-established companies, HaMaDa complements in-house expertise to assist with specific quality and regulatory activities, such as compliance with MDR, IVDR, MDSAP compliance preparation of documentations such as CER, PMS, PSUR, useability plans and studies, provide training for personnel or execute internal audits of the QMS, Clinical Studies and/or ISO 13485 quality system. HaMaDa may also serve as your CRO for Clinical Studies in the most advanced technological fields.


In the past 35 years, Hermon Laboratories have become Israel’s largest and leading company for compliance testing and certification of electronic products.

We provide a one-stop-shop solution for EMC, Product Safety, Radio, Telecom and Environmental testing for broad range of commercial, industrial, household, military and Medical products.
Our comprehensive portfolio of accreditations by global and local regulatory bodies allows us to offer our clients turnkey certification solutions world-wide.

Our team of experienced medical regulations experts will guide your company throughout implementation of the quality management system, compliance with ISO 13485 and will handle international registrations such as USA - NRTL, FDA; CE and אמ"ר.

With recent acquisition of Qualitech we can now offer customers greater flexibility in geographic location and significantly enhance our range of test solutions and facilities.

Hogan 200.jpg

Hogan Lovells has you covered. We operate on a global scale, coordinating among lawyers in offices in all of the world’s major medical markets to sequence and streamline regulatory approvals. In the U.S., we’ve been helping companies get new products approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since the Medical Device Amendments of 1976 was signed into law.

We understand your regulators and the changing regulatory landscape. This means we can help to expedite FDA approval and CE marking and design programs to successfully launch products around the world, while ensuring continuing compliance. We can also help develop reimbursement strategies to ensure your hard work leads to business success, and we can build the necessary infrastructure for a transaction or initial public offering, when the time comes.

Unlike our competitors, we have a dedicated team of over 30 medical device experts, many of whom have worked for regulatory agencies and in private industry, and have backgrounds in biostatistics, medicine, biomedical engineering, material science, pharmacy and genetics, among other disciplines. This means we understand the technology and can make better arguments on your behalf. From inception and approval to debut and product maturity, we provide guidance that takes into account the complex considerations where business and compliance meet.

HymonBio logo 200.jpg

HymonBio Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, with co-founders returning from the University of Texas and Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company focuses on the development, production, and sale of precision-medicine and point-of-care (POCT) related products. Since its establishment in Taicang Port, HymonBio has applied for 18 patents and obtained 6 authorized patents; 11 products have obtained Chinese medical device certificates; 5 products have obtained CE certificates; 1 product has obtained an FDA certificate and passed the ISO13485 system certificate. The company has won awards such as high-tech enterprises, private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province, enterprises supported by the "Double Innovation Plan" of Jiangsu Province, and Suzhou Female Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leading Talent Enterprises. Most recently, HymonBio has completed the first round of financing, which is also the first overseas investment project of PerkinElmer Ventures, a leading company in the IVD industry, in China.

IceCure Logo 200.jpg

IceCure Medical is setting new standards in minimally invasive cryotherapy for women’s health and interventional oncology. Founded in 2006 to advance the treatment of cancerous tumors, our FDA-cleared and CE-marked ProSense™ Cryoablation System utilizes Liquid Nitrogen to generate ultra-cold temperatures quickly to create large lethal zones for maximum efficacy in tumor destruction. The ProSense™ system achieves a sharp temperature decrease at the start of the freeze step and provides consistently stable freezing temperatures throughout the procedure. ProSense™ is a proven solution for the treatment of benign and malignant breast tumors, renal, lung, liver, and bone cancers. 

The ProSense™ system is a proven solution for the treatment of benign and malignant breast tumors, as well as renal, lung, and bone cancer. The FDA cleared and CE marked ProSense™ system is available in the US, Europe, and across Asia in Singapore, Thailand, Japan, India, and Taiwan. In 2021, ProSense™ was granted FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for treatment of patients with T1 invasive breast cancer and/or patients not suitable for surgical alternatives for the treatment of breast cancer. IceCure is conducting the ICE3 Clinical Trial, the largest multi-center trial for cryoablation of small, low-risk breast cancer. Interim analysis of the ICE3 trial presented during ASBrS 2021 Annual Meeting show promising results - at a mean of 34.83 months following treatment with ProSense®, only 2.06% (4 out of 194 eligible trial patients) experienced cancer recurrence.


Integer is a leader in advanced medical device outsourcing, bringing unparalleled expertise and comprehensive solutions in innovation and manufacturing to customers. We meet today's medical device challenges by providing customers with the right solutions, access to new technologies and a breath of capabilities. Our brands include Greatbatch Medical and Lake Region Medical.

IPC Logo 200.jpg

IPC – INNOVATIVE POLYMER COMPOUNDS is a specialist compounder of Medical Grade Engineering Polymers based in Kilbeggan, County Westmeath, Ireland for a wide range of Medical Device applications including long-term implantable, short-term implantable devices as well as external devices.

IPDS logo 200.jpg

IPDS is a private own company which provide various consulting services in quality and regulatory for accredited laboratories, medical devices, API’s manufacturers, and pharmaceuticals.

The company founded by Eyal Lerner, a Ph.D, B.Pharm and ICQE with more than 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry inter alia as a lead auditor in Teva Pharmaceutical and head of GLP at ISRAC.

KAL 200.jpg

Established in 2003. KAL is providing ASIC Services worldwide for medical companies, Consumer, Automotive and Industrial companies. 
KAL provides end to end solution form feasibility study, specification creation and analysis till mass production
Wide world-wide partners, KAL has access to high skill engineers and machineries to provide low and high volume silicon production in high quality
KAL can provide all necessary support for FDA process 

Lahav CRO Logo 200.jpeg

Lahav CRO; is Israel's leading non-clinical, GLP accredited, large animal CRO facility providing  fully integrated R&D services to the global biomedical industry and academia.

We serve as a one-stop-shop for the non-clinical development of the medical devices and pharmaceuticals  from early, seed staged POC pilot studies up to large scale, GLP chronic studies. We provide years of scientific, hands-on, professional support for a broad range of therapeutic areas including, cardiovascular, orthopedics, dental and gastrointestinal. 

Specifically, we are seeking for companies of interest in non-clinical studies in large animals e.g. large animal model establishment including surgical models, implantation studies, Pharmacokinetic studies, etc

Lindenberg logo 200.jpg

Lindenberg Industrial Design specializes in industrial and mechanical design of devices and products for high-tech companies in the fields of telecommunications, medicine, the military, and consumer goods. We design high quality aesthetic products meticulously, precisely planning the products efficiency, while paying close attention to the assembly and maintenance processes. Following a detailed stage of planning, we will help you to develop your prototype, and will accompany you throughout the production and fabrication process while closely monitoring its progress, including our delivery the necessary material for manufacturing in a precise production portfolio.

Mafi 3D 200.jpg

"Mafil" is one of the largest and most experienced 2D & 3Dprinting and computing solutions company in Israel.

The company is constantly striving towards broadening its products range in order to respond to  rapid changes  in customer's needs, deriving both from technological and business changes, while maintaining long-term reliability and professionalism.


3D Printing Division: Mafil leads the fascinating 3D printing industry in Israel with various technologies represents leading international brands: HP, Nexa, Sinterit, miniFactory, Asiga, Ultimaker, dyemansion3d and more.


Top notch Service and fairness

A top notch service and logistic array is at the disposal of all the company's divisions, providing an extremely professional call center, Help Desk and onsite services, the company strives towards continuous improvements in  high responsiveness to customers SLA requirements as well as operating efficiency. 

matrix medica.jpg

Israel's leading provider of software development, regulation and cybersecurity services for the healthcare industry​. 

A one-stop shop for medical software companies, startups, and healthcare organizations, Matrix Medika has the experience and expertise that come from helping bring over 100 successful projects to market. We help companies design and develop innovative solutions, services, and desktop, mobile, and cloud-based apps; ensure rock-solid cybersecurity and privacy in compliance with HIPAA/GDPR standards; and manage FDA/CE submissions.

Our specialization in the medical arena means you can trust us to handle V&V per IEC62304 and ISO13485 standards, risk management per ISO14971 and TIR57, preparing the software chapters for FDA 510K submission and CE certification, and registration under MDD and MDR.

We’ve helped countless products through every stage of the development and FDA/CE approval process, and we’re fully committed to ensuring client satisfaction, quick time to market and cost-effective solutions. At Medika, we’re there for you at every step of the way.

Matrix Medika
MEDVE 200 1.jpg

Meet the innovative product for training medical personnel in professional skills without risks to patients in a realistic simulation environment.

MeMed Logo 200.jpg

Our mission is to translate the complex signals of the immune system into simple diagnostic insights that transform the way we treat infectious diseases and inflammatory disorders – at the right place and the right time.

OCON-Healthcare Logo 200.jpg

OCON Healthcare is a leading women’s health company dedicated to improving women’s choices and quality of life when it comes to their health.

OCON’s patented and validated IUBTM platform (Intra Uterine Ball) will allow safer more uterine-friendly treatments of an array of conditions and diseases women face throughout their lives such as: Abnormal uterine bleeding, endometriosis, Fibroids, contraception, menopause to name a few.

Peregrine logo 200.jpg

Peregrine Ventures, Israel’s first dedicate healthcare fund, is committed to improving patients' quality of life by investing in and supporting game-changing healthcare opportunities. As a leading global life science venture capital fund, Peregrine invests throughout a company’s life cycle to help facilitate growth and success and offers creative business solutions to suit the needs of its portfolio companies. From seed-stage opportunities to more mature companies, Peregrine’s specifically defined funds offer portfolio companies complete, end-to-end investment solutions that have helped bring healthcare innovations to fruition for over 20 years. Peregrine’s robust portfolio includes fast growing global companies, in the fields of biotech, medical devices, and digital health. Peregrine’s mature funds maintain their strong position in the upper quartile of the industry’s leading benchmarks (Number of exits, DPI, IRR, etc.).

Phillips Medisize 200.jpg

Phillips Medisize, a Molex company, brings over 6 decades of providing the most advanced medical interconnect and microelectronics solutions, injection molded components, subassemblies and finished devices to leading medical technology device companies.

qlingua logo 200x200px.png

QMED Lingua is the Life Sciences Division of Q-Lingua Translation Services.
We specialize in language services in all languages to the Medical Device, Digital Health, Pharma and Wellness industries.
Our company and team and are ISO17100 EU Certified.
We act as the translation & localization partner of our clients, and consult them on the best way to convey their message in all markets.
Our services include translation & localization including validation of Clinical Trial documentation, Apps, Websites, User Manuals, presentations, legal and financial documents, marketing collateral, brochures, etc. - all customized specifically to the target market, dialect and regulatory. 
We aim to help our clients and partners to reach their business goals on time, on budget.

Ready Rachip 200.jpg

The Ready Group, established in 2007, is a leading R&D firm in Israel. It provides complete development services in both hardware and software, from architecture to final product, under a flexible partnership model.

With its 200 experts, Ready Group, as a strategic R&D partner for Fortune 500 companies and startups alike, enables next-generation technologies and products for multinational corporations around the world and in Israel.

Ready Group provides R&D 360. Among our specialties are FPGA/ASIC design from architecture to manufacturing, Verification, Back-end/Layout, and Validation, Firmware, Embedded Software, IoT, Cloud Integration, GIS apps, Platform development (like BI), QA and Automation, Web & Mobile apps, Native Mobile apps, across a wide range of industries, including medical, telecoms, networks, time-sharing, data storage, military, aviation, and automotive.  

road2 200.jpg

Road2 builds value for startups through networking, funding, and technology. We are an ecosystem for entrepreneurs, industry leaders and investors, that develop startups into inspiring businesses.

We are a unique partnership between multinational corporate companies and public funding.

RSNESS 200.jpg

RS NESS Provides An Umbrella Of Services To The Life Science Industry In Different Lifecycle Stages Incorporating End-To-End Project Activities While Adhering To The Regulatory Requirements. Knowledge, Professionalism, And Dedication Lead Our Highly Qualified Team To Your Success.

RS NESS Operates In The Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological, Medical Device, Cannabis & Foodtech Industries.

Our Services Include End-To-End Solution

Scopustech Logo 200.jpg

Scopustech specializes in design and manufacturing of high-end complex plastic over fifty years.

The company manufactures with a variety of different polymers.

Most of the products are tailor-made in small batches, allowing our customers to redesign them as their products evolve.

Sharon Tuvia 200.jpg

Harnessing 60 years’ experience, Sharon Tuvia is a family owned global manufacturer of mechanical assemblies, parts and components. Based in Israel, our expertise in additive manufacturing and CNC machining has satisfied the rigorous demands of hundreds of diverse customers requiring unique and complex solutions.

Our advanced factory and logistic center hosts 5-axis CNC machining centers and milling machines, providing our customers with a single solution from design to final assembly. And our meticulous quality assurance ensures unsurpassed product consistency.

Sightsys Logo 200.jpg

Sightsys (a member of Telsys Group) is an Israeli company, specializes in development and testing tools for embedded systems over 20 years. We provide innovative solutions for electronic and embedded system design, development and test, acting as a value-added provider for development teams needing high standard of technical understanding, as well as high-class customer support.  We offer excellent solutions for embedded development such as compilers, IDEs, RTOSs, Debuggers, Code Testing, Emulators, add-on embedded stacks and professional services

simploud logo 200.jpg

Simploud enables medical device and digital health companies to manage their quality, design, documents, and suppliers in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Simploud offers an unparalleled business model. With ready-to-use best practices that provide a great starting point. The system was designed with flexibility in mind, so it could be tailored to specific needs easily, at no additional cost, and in a validated manner.


Singer Instruments & Control specializes in design, development and manufacturing of medical device for over 40 years.

We provide our clients full turn-key solutions: From proof-of-concept prototype design to final products serial production.

SKM - 200 - Square.jpg

 Certified to quality standards AS9100 aerospace and aviation,

ISO13485:2016 medical devices and ISO9001:2015 industrial standard, and with over 60 years of experience in the core of the rubber industry, SKM provides reliable and innovative sealing solutions to meet the most demanding of end-user applications, in industries such as aerospace and aviation, military and defense, medical devices, communication and electro-optics, energy oil and gas, semiconductors and automotive, we can safely say: we’ve “rubbered” them all


With over 30 years of experience as a leading materials supplier to the healthcare industry, we understand what it takes to help our customers succeed. Solvay’s broad portfolio of specialty polymers enables healthcare companies to develop new, innovative applications that provide better, safer outcomes for patients worldwide. Our high-performance polymers provide advanced solutions for a broad range of healthcare applications:  Medical devices and equipment • Surgical instruments • Implantable devices • Biopharma processing components.

sternum logo 200.jpg

Sternum recognizes that while IoT devices are brilliantly engineered – from tiny pacemakers to railway sensors – they are extremely difficult to protect and observe. The IoT world is an impossibly chaotic mix of devices – old and new, with different operating systems, code bases, third-party libraries, and limited internal resources. What makes them more vulnerable and less accessible than any other connected device.

Those inherent limitations are transcended by Sternum, who created the first universal platform for IoT and embedded devices that provides a holistic runtime security and observability to the edge. Sternum embeds its patented technology and software sensors inside any IoT device, enabling them to instantly become self-securing, while simultaneously collecting intimate data at runtime execution, and processing it in an intelligent cloud platform. This proprietary approach yields active-mitigation and self-protection; security alerts and investigation; software analytics; quality and performance root-cause identification; and user behaviors examination. Thus, enabling IoT manufacturers to build better, more secure products as well as to develop new business models.

Sternum was built for the IoT, from the IoT, out, and works in a fundamentally different way than any other autonomous IoT security or observability technology.

Systematics 200 1.jpg

Systematics supports the Innovation process of companies and industries, promotes organizational effectiveness and efficiency by marketing innovative computing technologies and implementing them in advanced work


Technologies by Systematics include: 3D Printing, 3D CAD, Product Lifecycle

Management, Technical and scientific computing and Model-Based Design.

SII 200 2023.jpg

The Standards Institution of Israel leads the Israeli economy in the writing of standards that ensure the safety and soundness of products, laboratory testing, services, and processes that touch on all aspects of our lives.

The Standards Institution of Israel is the country's largest technology entity. Its operations assist all sectors of the economy. The Standards Institution of Israel operates pursuant to the Standards Law, with a focus on the following fields: Standardization, Authorizations and Certifications and Testing labs.


The Standards Institution of Israel is part of the international quality community and an active member in international standards and certification organizations, including the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
The Standards Institution of Israel has recognition agreements that facilitate foreign trade.

t-syte logo 200.jpg

Located at the heart of Israel’s high-tech industry area, T-syte was founded by seasoned healthcare entrepreneur Yehoshua (Shooky) Etrog, an accomplished businessman in the global healthcare field, in order to promote global health by connecting medical startups with healthcare professionals and investors. The company is led by senior life-science and healthcare expert Dr. Dan J. Gelvan, and an experienced team with an extensive track record in healthcare facility design, construction and operations, as well as medical equipment and application development.

yail [harma.jpg

Yail Noa group is a representative of leading suppliers offering vast variety of products to the Pharmaceutical, Medical devices and Electronics industries.

Yail Pharma is a business unit of Yail Noa Group, specializes in protective packaging solutions for the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical markets.

The company supports its customers with personal high level service and strives to meet the highest standards in order to provide the most suitable solutions.

Among our customers are companies from the following markets:  Cardiovascular / Neurovascular /Orthopedics/ Dental/Endo/Aesthetic/Surgical / ophthalmic/ Oncology etc.

Yail Pharma works closely with both start-up & mature companies and leads them throughout the process of developing and manufacturing the proper packaging solution.

Main Product lines :Rigid Thermoformed Blisters, Sealing Machines, Sterile Pouches/ Lids /Rolls.

Vendors represented In Israel: Nelipak, Oliver Healthcare packaging, Clariant, HAWO, Carolex, AllFlex

Yigal Arnon 200.jpg

Founded in 1957, Yigal Arnon & Co. is one of Israel’s premier law firms.

Expertise: Our global practice is characterized by hands-on experience in nearly all major areas of the law, across all industries. We are also known for our unparalleled experience in the technology sector, from artificial intelligence to smart mobility to cybersecurity, and are sought after by entities worldwide seeking to do business in “start-up nation.” (See our complete list of Practices.)

Team: Our team of more than 200 lawyers includes many of Israel’s leading advocates and a number of attorneys who have trained and practiced abroad. We combine the specializations of boutique practices with the advantages of a well-resourced, multi-disciplinary law firm.

Clients: Our clients in Israel and around the world include companies of all sizes, financial institutions, venture capital, private equity funds, real estate companies, investor groups, government entities and private individuals. In Israel, we represent leading players in both business and government.

Client Service: Responsiveness is our hallmark. Our clients rely on Yigal Arnon & Co. for impeccable service, professionalism and integrity.

Recognition: Yigal Arnon & Co. is ranked consistently as one of Israel’s leading law firms by domestic and international publications, including Chambers and Partners, Dun & Bradstreet, Dun’s 100, IFLR1000, BDi CODE, Mergermarket and The Legal 500.

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