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Digital Healthcare Track

From Academia to Industry: Essential Insights from Identifai-Genetics

Ronit Haviv web.jpg

Tom Rabinowitz, MD-PhD

Co-founder and CTO, Identifai-Genetics

Exploring Innovation at Hadassah - Showcasing Selected Projects

Ronit Haviv web.jpg

Daniel Saino Michan

CTO, Hadassah Medical Center

Meet Medtronic's Get Ready® Solution - A Remote Patient Management Platform for Connected Care

Ronit Haviv web.jpg

Shmuel Sacks

Senior Manager, Medtronic Integrated Health Solutions

The Role and Influence of the Academy on the Development and Promotion of Digital Solutions in Medical Organizations, Including Interfaces Between Organizations and Between Systems

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Dr. Refael Barkan

VP for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Internationalization, HIT - Holon Institute of Technology

For the Audience's Choice – Healthcare Standup or Looking Through the Crystal Ball Towards the Future of Digital Health Technologies

Ronit Haviv web.jpg

Moshe Klaiman

CEO, Matrix Medika

Cyber Security Testing – Important Considerations For Premarket Submissions

Ronit Haviv web.jpg

Erez Metula

Application Security Expert, Founder & CEO, AppSec Labs

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