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Design Practices Track

The Revelation in Women's Health and Wellness is Just Around the Corner, Take Part or Stay Behind

Ronit Haviv web.jpg

Eng. Hilla Shaviv

CEO & Founder, Gals Bio

Design Your Device with the End in Mind

Ronit Haviv web.jpg

Debbie Garner

Co-CEO, FEMSelect

The Right Way to Process Validation

Ronit Haviv web.jpg

Hadar Shoham

Engineering & Validation Project Manager, Gsap

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization – Meeting New Demands in the Industry – Case Studies

Ronit Haviv web.jpg

Patrick Lewis

Global Sterilization Expert, Mediplast

Power Supply Challenges and Solutions in Medical Applications

Ronit Haviv web.jpg

Ronen Dalal

Sales Manager, Horizon Electronics

Fund Raising From the CEO Perspective

Ronit Haviv web.jpg

Ronen Castro

CEO, Human Xtensions

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